14 / 12 / 2009
Official Incorporation of 5TH CONNECTION COMPANY LIMITED in Hong Kong.

1 / 4 / 2010
Beta version of FINDLEGS.COM is now online.


5TH CONNECTION COMPANY LIMITED is a company that prepares channels, through the use of the internet and internet technologies, for connecting individuals via their self initiated activities and sharing of ideas.

In general, conventional means of meeting others rely upon four social networks: family, work school, and location. We provide another option, the 5TH CONNECTION, connection via the internet. 5TH CONNECTION COMPANY limited is formed solely from individuals who met through social networking-based activities. We understand that great things could be achieved and great friendships can be created, therefore, we aim to provide and replicate such a culture online.

Based in Hong Kong, 5TH CONNECTIONís vision is to produce open and trustworthy multi-purpose online environments that mirror the society. The objective is to connect individuals to form social circles based on interests. This includes fostering balance work and life, fostering ideas and innovation, collaboration, building life-time relationships, supporting others through sharing, encouragement, and feedback, and building virtual teams.